15481 SW 12th St STE 300, Sunrise, FL 33326, USA

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Alejandra Cuervo 02/13/2020 1:44 pm

From the second I walked in I was welcomed with open arms! The instructors are amazing so willing to help you get an understanding of each pose. They offer so many awesome deals that are really worth it, especially a trial month for only $49 to all new costumers. From the injuries I’ve aqcuired from playing sports the yoga factory has allowed me to take care of my body but also still get a workout at the same time. Since then I have signed up for a memebership and havent left since. I highly recommend the Yoga factory!!

Daniela Sanchez 02/12/2020 1:30 am

My experience with this place has been very unprofessional based on the customer service. I visited the place with my friend who wanted me to try yoga since she thought she had a guest for the month and it ended up “not being possible” the girl that was at the front desk couldn’t care less about explaining me the options I had for a future membership, whatever, we paid the class and left, a week after I decide to get the Groupon trial for a month (because that’s enough time to see if it’s something you’ll actually like and make time for), today same girl rudely received us without even saying welcome, I mentioned the Groupon for the month classes and she finally refer to us to say “that’s for first timers only” now, I understand these could be company policies but her being so empathetic about my interest in YOUR business made me feel disrespected, once again no explanation of options and disgusting attitude, the class itself was good but if that’s how they show how they care for their customers I doubt they’ll last long.

Sasha Jarufe 07/10/2019 9:17 pm

I first discovered this studio when coming to visit my parents in Plantation last summer. I was on the plane when the gentleman next to me learnt of my destination, saw my yoga mat, and referred me to Yoga Factory as a MUST for South Florida Yoga. I loved it then and I love it now. It takes your practice to the next level, and the heat feels oh so good. The sweat factor is so satisfying, and I feel a deep connection to the space itself as well as the teachers. I find that each teacher has something different to offer and I love that!! With a variety of classes available all week and so many different options for teachers/times I’m always happy when I leave the studio. I’m always looking forward to taking class!! Yes they are primarily a HOT studio, that is what they are known for. But the yoga community is so large here in South Florida that everyone can find the studio that matches what they are craving. Luckily, I found mine

Kenneth Deutsch 07/10/2019 8:47 pm

My wife has been doing yoga for at least 15 years. She has been to many studios and is now practicing only at yoga factory in Weston, since the day it opened. She has told me that it is the best studio she has ever practiced in, especially due to the exceptional infrared ceiling heaters that create the best hot yoga experience possible. Although here is also a non heated room for those who don’t prefer the hot experience, this is primarily a hot yoga room for those who love this experience. She has never once come home and told me it was too hot to handle. She said ALL the teachers are exceptional and are well aware of how to control the heat in the room at all times.
She practices with Catherine every Wednesday morning and on the weekends with Jenna and Kara and Sean, she has nothing but praise for each and every one of the teachers. The wonderful owners are kind, and friendly and helpful.
I know for a fact that she arrives at this studio at least 30 minutes early to wait for it to open, as it gets so crowded with all that love the studio.
If HOT yoga is not your thing, then look for the other options available in this successful business.

D M 07/10/2019 8:28 pm

The hot yoga room is way too hot so instead of making mind body connection, it was more of a survival. I have tried many different hot yoga studios in the area and by far this is THE hottest. One of the instructors also made this comment that this the hottest in South Florida. I talked to the front desk but they were defensive about it and brushed it off by saying you might get a good cardio.
Each time I attended the classes, I could see other people struggling with heat as well. I was never able to keep up after 15-20 minutes into the class due to heat and exhaustion. So, I usually preferred their non heated classes.
All the trainers except Catherine are awesome. I really liked Gaby’s classes.