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Diana Burgos 02/25/2020 4:28 am

Dr. Rothfield is a board certified talented plastic surgeon in Weston, FL. He has many years of experience and is one of the top doctors in South Florida. My experience with him and his staff has always been very positive. He’s highly professional, takes his time during the consultation, he’s detail-oriented while performing surgeries and will always do what’s best for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Rothfield! A++

Katrina Berthé 02/20/2020 10:24 pm

If you want a plastic surgeon who ACTUALLY does what YOU want, please see Dr. Rothfield. He is extremely experienced and allows his patients to dictate their treatment plan with his professional guidance. I went to two other physicians before seeing Dr. Rothfield for a consult and I was immediately impressed with how much time he took to explain the process, answer my endless amount of questions and collaboratively determine an acceptable surgery schedule to allow the most efficient recovery process. The results of his work speak for themselves. He is a perfectionist and has an awesome surgical team assisting him! I have referred several friends who unanimously agree Dr. Rothfield is the best! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment!!

Maggie 02/17/2020 10:24 pm

Definitely recommend Dr. Rothfield, he is very kind, precise and honest. His staff very attentive.

Maria Mantellini 02/15/2020 10:29 pm

I Highly Recommend This Awesome Plastic Surgeon Practice!
Staff and Dr. exceeded my expectations! They make a Great team!
My surgery was a total success! Thank you Dr. Rothfield!

Juliet Ferrara 01/27/2020 5:04 pm

WORTH YOUR WHILE TO READ… STAY AWAY from Dr. Rothfield. DO NOT disregard the negative reviews!

I was like you, went online, read reviews and selected a surgeon. Most reviews seemed positive (now understanding that most of these reviews are probably not real), and the ones that were negative I figured they were just disgruntled patients with unrealistic results. I asked myself “how bad could he really be, he seems to do hundreds of these surgeries”.

Well here is the BAD: At first Dr. Rothfield seems to be understanding, experienced, and knowledgeable caring about your goals for a couple minutes. Unfortunately, the facade fades quickly and the fact he doesn’t really care about you or your results shows! He’s always rushing around. He blows off your concerns, to the point of making some very rude comments. Perhaps it is the fact he performs so many surgeries he seems to forget that for us (patients) this is often the first time we are getting a surgery and it is quite terrifying.

I went in for breast implants and a peri-areola reduction and lift. If you think he can’t mess up, I am living proof that is WRONG. See the photos below for the first OBVIOUS problem after surgery. He put in 2 completely different size implants. 400 and 475cc. You may think, “wow she must have been really uneven prior to surgery and they discussed this prior”. You would be incorrect. All women are slightly different size, yes. But different size breasts were never my concern and NEVER talked about. It was loss of volume. The size difference was apparent immediately after surgery. I gave it time, waited it out hoping that I was just paranoid. Unfortunately it never changed. A 400cc implant is a COMPLETELY different diameter than a 475cc and that was the major issue.

The only thing I respected was that after 3 months Dr. Rothfield agreed to swap out the implant for a smaller size free of charge. Apparently, I am only the 3rd person he has ever had to fix (lucky me!). Also, his staff was very friendly!

Related to the peri-areola reduction and lift: This was also a major concern as the open wounds healed. Both nipples are completely uneven and the worst part is the scars are TERRIBLE. So bad that I feel even more uncomfortable being naked than before my surgery. Isn’t that the point we are going in for a cosmetic procedure??

I brought up this concern to him and he was completely dismissive. But it was apparent during the healing process that the sutures and skin overlapped. There are a couple very small sections of the scar that shows if he took his time, cared about the results and was experienced enough – that my entire nipple could look appropriate.

When I asked him to fix this during the 2nd surgery I had he said it is way too soon and the scars are healing perfectly. Aka – he is too proud to admit that there is a problem and too cheap to add extra time on the free procedure he is performing on me. Let me explain why this is accurate.. the area he had to cut through to swap the implant, he cut out the raised uneven area and did a decent job suturing me up in that small section.

Whats next… I have set up an appointment with Dr. Messa in Weston in hopes that he can do something to fix my scars and nipples. I wish I never let Dr. Rothfield touch them. I will pay ANYTHING to have this corrected and have my confidence back.

Bottom line… If you are looking for a skilled compassionate surgeon, go to someone else. If you want to take a risk because you think that things can’t go wrong, go to Dr. Rothfield. I would NEVER let that doctor touch me again even if it was for free.

Feel free to google my name and give me a call if you need any more reassurance.