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Maria Ansbaugh 02/18/2020 6:29 pm

I typically go to this Wendy’s for my offices lunch on days that I go to the Post Office. Typically the service and quality of the food is acceptable.
A few weeks ago when I went to this location in Weston, FL, I ordered a Single meal and a 4 for 4 only, when I returned back to the office, one of the girls in my office advised me that the chicken nuggets and the cheese sauce were missing in the order.
I simply said I would bring this to the manager at Wendy’s attention the next time I go back in and I am sure they will make good for it.
Today, I revisited the establishment and advised RAUL the manager as to the bag missing the nuggets and cheese sauce on my last visit. He said he was sorry, I said, I am glad you are sorry, are you going to make good for it? He said, do you have the receipt? I said No, I did not save the receipt so he again said sorry again without no effort to make good for this. I said to him, what does a receipt have to do with this, it will not prove that they were missing. He again said he was sorry and in turn, I made him aware that I was going to call customer service of his unprofessional ism.
He gladly said the number was on the back of my receipt with no qualms. This was a simple fix without all the aggravation. It was 4 NUGGETS, and for me its not about the nuggets, its about his handling of this situation.
I am in business and if my staff treated my clients as this manager RAUL did, I would be OUT of “Business” His response was unacceptable.
When I returned to my office, I called customer service as I advised RAUL that I would and I had the pleasure of speaking with a very pleasant lady by the name of Vanessa, whom said that she will be addressing this matter. I will await their phone call. SHAME ON YOU RAUL for handling this situation as you did.

Ricardo Porto Corrêa 02/04/2020 2:06 am

Nice and convenient place although they close too early, at 10pm today (Monday). Never too crowded. Nice crew working here.

SKY Favorites 01/23/2020 1:12 am

I moved to Weston about 10 days ago. Since the weather was cool tonight I thought chili would be a good idea. Upon placing my order, I’m told the total of my order. When I get to the window I’m told a lesser amount. I pay, then I’m told the original amount. I add to the amount I’ve paid making it exact payment. I’m then told I owe more. I challenge the cashier so she concedes I am correct. I might mention at this point that each time I had money to give to the cashier, I had to sit with my window down waiting to get her attention as she was too busy texting on her personal phone; this occurred at 6:40pm on Wednesday, 1/22/20. My 92-year-old father, who was with me, did not appreciate her lack of attention as he was getting cold. Once we opened the chili, we realized there was no beef whatsoever in the chili, only beans. Needless to say I will NEVER stop at this Wendy’s again & will strongly discourage anyone I know from patronizing this location.

Daniel Reyes 07/23/2019 3:55 am

This is your average Wendy’s. It’s not the best Wendy’s location I’ve ever been to, but not the worst. This location has been open for at least 15 years. The crispy spicy chicken was hot and freshly fried. The single was fresh and tasty. The fries were hot. However, the Jr cheeseburger was dry and unappetizing. The lemonade was very tasty with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Service was very friendly. This is a decent fast food option in the area.

Cornelia Chambers 11/04/2018 9:27 pm

Service was friendly but slow. They no longer have the power salad I always get so I had to choose from the other salad choices. None of them are as satisfying as the power Mediterranean salad. Please bring it back Wendy’s. Diabetics need good satisfying food too and burger and fries aren’t on my friendly food list.