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Vee V 02/21/2020 6:39 pm

Extremely rude customer service from RACHEL Not sure if she’s a supervisor here but she came out with an INCREDIBLE rude demeanor all While I had my newborn in my carrier in front of me. I told her to calm down it was way to early for that and she said to herself “ima go to the back and calm down” and walked off. After she came back out I then asked her for the direct phone number for future reference and she REFUSED told me very rudely to call 1800 ask usps!! I asked again and she replied again in a rude tone to call 1800 ask usps!
I will be making a formal complaint against her with the post master/district manager. It was uncalled for. But next time I will make sure to record some people don’t need to be working in customer service. She needs to go!

Julia Raether 01/25/2020 2:23 pm

Looong lines on Saturday morning

charles wainman 12/06/2019 8:48 pm

Larry does a great job of being efficient AND, even in the rush of the holiday season, interacts with each person in a fun manner. Thanks for this great service—may all of us act and extend the same to one another!!

justin hope 09/27/2019 12:34 pm

I was expecting a package. They lied to me telling me they tried to deliver it and left a note. That was a lie. I put in to have it re derived to another address. Never showed up. No way to contact them direct. I went to see if it was there and they didn’t even try to send it out. Plus the box was destroyed. I will never use usps ever again

Adilson Carvalho 06/12/2018 4:38 pm

It’s easy to find and it has a big parking lot. The time in line wasn’t that bad so I think it’s a very good option for everyone who needs to send something through USPS.