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Frog Prince 03/27/2018 11:48 pm

Some teachers are nice and actually care but others don’t. If you get in trouble and you know you didn’t and have actual evidence about it, they still don’t care. There is a bully problem at school and it doesn’t get fixed either. In sixth grade a person went to get help and it didn’t work it continued up until eighth grade. The guidance counselors suck and the ones who do is Ms. Kaye? Her name isn’t normal to spell sorry, but anyways she doesn’t do anything but say calm down and it doesn’t work.
If you want to talk about why you get in trouble they say they’ll talk to you and yet they won’t because they don’t care and they just give you attitude about it.
The teacher Ms. Amodeo is the worst teacher ever she is such a cruel bias teacher. She doesn’t like a class she ruins the class whole and I didn’t learn anything in that class.
The only good reasonable teachers there are very limited and it’s slowly going down and getting replaced by not fun and old people. Most of the teachers are perverts and creeps.
I’ve heard things about several and how the gym teacher follows girls in the golf cart or watched a inappropriate video in school grounds. As well as a science teacher who stares at the girls and watches them walk out basically staring at their behinds.
Tequesta trace is the worst middle school.

Daniel Avital 03/08/2018 11:56 pm

I love this school, but there are too many flaws that hurt.
1: Everyone swears
2: Gym includes 8th grade with 6th grade, I’ve gotten 3 painful longlasting injeries from this dumb act
3: There plenty of bullies
4: some teachers are bias and teach horribly
5: Highly unorganized
1: some teachers are really good and nice
2: Easy making friends
3: Very Very good priniciple @miss nission 🙂
4: Amazing lunch foods.

I hope you will go to this school knowing the amount of good and bad it has. I would rather this school due to the fact that its fun, but the amount of painful things phyiscally happen there is unbalieveable.

you are mom gay 02/27/2018 12:32 am

I dont like this skool. i got bulllied by daniel jimenez and angelo they called me a dik head and shoved my head inside the dukcing anus of a special kid who had shjt up his ansu

Tal Avital 01/21/2018 4:00 am

This is an amazing school, its large and has a lot of opportunities for many of their students. The problem is that it is very crowded and is so big you can easily get lost, my first days weren’t the best. Right now I have a VERY long path between 2 of my classes and the time to get there is too short, and I’m not alone with this problem, but other than that this is a great school.

Kai Amarante 01/13/2017 11:47 pm

Tequesta Trace Middle School is a wonderful school for developing teenagers. Barely ever any bad incidents or fights, and teachers care and love their students. It is an amazing place for teens to learn both educationally, and emotionally, and it truly is a wonderful school. Would recommend to anyone!