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Solar energy company in South Florida servicing Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Best Solar company in South Florida.

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Juan David Payares 08/09/2019 4:49 pm

These panels humm and buzzz all day! Sprightful Solar is not just a solar contractor; they’re really on a journey to change the way people think about energy. After researching several options to go solar I felt most comfortable and confident that Sprightful was the way to go. I didn’t just go solar, they optimized my energy consumption with real analysis coupled with their extensive knowledge and implementation of technology. I’m now aware and in control of my energy needs because they made it possible to see consumption and production in real-time from my phone. Real numbers, no false promises, and guaranteed to help the environment while saving money.

mauricio larenas 06/20/2019 8:56 pm

I was on the fence on solar panels due to the upfront cost. After listening to Sprightful Solar’s assessment of the financials of solar power, as well as considering the environmental benefits we decided to buy a system from their company. Their team was on top of all stages of the process, from planning/zoning/installation to servicing. We had a great experiences throughout and highly recommend the company. Since installation they have been very responsive with any questions or concerns.

Francesca Campbell 06/18/2019 3:21 pm

I used Sprightful Solar about 6 months ago to install solar panels for a whole home system. I found their service to be excellent. They walked me through every step of the process. They completed the job in a timely manner. Even after the install they have continued to remain in contact with me in order to help guide me in ways to minimize my energy usage and power bill. I really appreciate the way they remain invested in their customer even after the install is complete. It shows that they care about their customers and not just a paycheck.

Vania King 03/30/2019 12:43 am

I researched several solar companies before deciding to work with Sprightful and Pablo. From the beginning, Pablo was informative, with a no pressure approach, and a competitive price. Even though they are a relatively new company, he sold me on his passion, knowledge, and price. He also guarantees the work of the company’s installation for 20 years, whereas all the other companies I spoke to guaranteed their own work for 1 year only.

Pablo stayed in touch throughout the whole process of installation and continues to stay in touch monitoring my system. I am very happy to have chosen Sprightful and would definitely recommend them.

Richard Jones 11/02/2018 2:17 pm

Solar drew my interest for two main reasons: Free Energy and I hate giving the power company handfuls of $$$. So I started my homework. I contacted numerous companies here in South Florida regarding solar installation and cost. I quickly educated myself to the different types of panels, inverters, optimizers, etc… I got informed.

Sprightful happened to be the first company I spoke to. From the first time I met him, Pablo my sales rep was well informed and seemed pretty straight forward. We met at my house and he walked in with a diagram of solar arrays on my roof, optimal sun angles, trees that might interfere, etc. He had his act together. I’m sure I can’t be the only person he’s talking to about solar, but that is the attention that he gave me. I took it all in, got the price, and thanked him for his time.

I’m not one to go with the first price I get, so I shopped around. I met with several other solar companies. From used car salesmen types to some pretty straight-forward salesmen. None came as prepared as Sprightful did. Their first impression went along way. As the decision time came, I had three legitimate quotes. I had all the pricing about the same for three identical systems. Sprightful got my business.

My install was about 6-8 weeks out when I signed my contract. Permitting process, ordering equipment, organizing his install team, etc. Pablo would periodically check-in and let me know where we stood. As the time came near, we had a very long couple of weeks of rain. Pablo was very informative and kept me up to date with the rain delays. Install week arrived and Pablo and his Sprightful crew came and installed my system in about 4 days. Yes, Pablo was on the roof laying the panels, carrying the hardware, etc. I found it interesting that most of Pablo’s install team have been with the company since it’s inception. They all seemed to carry the same positive outlook about solar and the future of the Sprightful company.

My system was installed and turned “ON” on June 9th, 2018. It is a 11.4k system that runs a 1900sq ft house with a pool. My power bill was $300 per month, all year long(I was in the budget billing program). My average power bill since install has been $50 (June – October 2018). That’s through the hottest summer months… I anticipate it will go down for the next few months as the temp drops. Pablo has reached out on several occasions since install to talk about my power consumption, best power use practices, power bill explanations, etc.
I just received my first referral (my best friends chose Sprightful as their solar installers).

I look forward to seeing my power company independence grow even more over the next few months and years as I suck up the Florida sun and put it to work for me. I truly thank Pablo and his team at Sprightful for helping me make this happen.