2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd, Weston, FL 33331, USA

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S C 09/03/2019 6:30 pm

One of the worst experiences I’ve had with a doctor. One star is being generous.

Sarina Eliyakim 05/31/2019 6:45 pm

The first time I called in May was told that they are solid booked for my insurance plan. I was told that there is not a waiting list. Now I called again and I booked an appointment for August 2029. We are end of May. I might go to some one else in the meantime. The respondent was nice on the phone and recorded down my personal information. I do not know why not additional physicians do not work at that clinic.

Feiga Mor 07/23/2018 7:53 am

Initially Waited for 4 months to see this doctor with hope of help. Now, as an established patient, have been waiting over 2 months to see the doctor, only to receive a phone call that she will not be in the office the day of my scheduled appointment and I need to reschedule. That is when we say goodbye. Who needs a doctor if you are in pain and can’t see her for months? Dr Schneider is very sweet but I need a good doctor that is available when I’m ill. With all the medications that was thrown at me, i felt like a guinea pig, nothing changed. No relief.

cristina gomez kiuhan 09/16/2017 5:07 pm

I have seen Dr Schneider since 2011, when I tried to make the first appt it was difficult and yes it took over 2 months. However, I asked to be placed in a waiting list and they called me within few weeks.
If you make your follow up appt and need to change usually you can get in soon
She is a great professional, very knowledgeable and personable, easy to talk to, listens to concerns and addresses issues ahead of time. Her office calls back when concerns arise and if you leave a message.
Nice and gentle manners all I wanted in a Dr and as a nurse for 40 years I am very critical and demanding!
I am sorry for the previous reviewer experience. A clerical mistake can not and will never be a reason to judge a professional. Yes, it is difficult to make appts at the Cleveland Clinic but the attention and services can not be compared with any other in South Florida.
Will I recommend her? YES I DO IT ALL THE TIME as well as any other physician I have seen at Cleveland Clinic. I only wish they were closer to Delray Beach.

tanya failla 08/28/2017 2:50 pm

Completely and totally appalled by how Cleveland Clinic handles their scheduling of new patients. I was super excited to be seen by this doctor. This was an appointment where I need to be seen right away. I started the phone call with the appointment receptionist, right from the get go, with explaining I needed to be seen right away by this particular doctor. After being on the phone for OVER 30 minutes, being asked every ridiculous and personal question imagineable, the person asking me the same question 3 different times that I had already answered….he then told me…after enduring that unbeliable phone call…she had no appointments until 2018! To make matters worse- no doctor was available until December. It was so upsetting I literally got off the call and cried. What terrible protocol. I am sure this is not reflective of the Doctor, but surely reflective of the practice. So upsetting. I hope someone changes this protocol so it doesn’t happen to someone else.