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tanya letamendi 03/10/2020 8:19 pm

Kathy (maybe Cathy) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She helped me pick out the right combination to get rid of the red color I had in my hair and then find the right light brown to match my extensions. Both times she was thorough and patient with me, answering any questions I had and walking ke through the process of what to do. Will definitely shop if she’s there. If not, I’ll wait till I see her. You want someone you can trust and that she is!

Ohlordlol 02/28/2020 7:21 pm

I was carrying two items which were snatched out my hand by an employee. Profiling at its finest

Marie Carrion 12/21/2019 8:12 pm

the people who work here, need VACATIONS ASAP. They are very rude, no education and cero empathy. Im not a person who usually do reviews but with this place, I had to!

valerie tiralongo 04/28/2019 9:33 pm

Every time I go this one worker in particular who I believe is the manager is extremely rude to me and has harassed me and my friends on two different occasions. She once chased me and my friends around the store while playing the national anthem and telling us to vote for Trump. Another time she made fun of my friends appearance. Every time I walk into this place I feel judged and obligated to buy something or else the manager will say something to me. Not a good atmosphere.

Edwin Marchan 07/14/2018 7:27 pm

Great quality and pricing