3500 Weston Rd #1, Davie, FL 33331, USA

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Zandra Rivera 02/18/2020 5:50 pm

Thanks a lot to Alain. He really knows how to treat customers. Really satisfied with him. Excellent ?

scott mann 02/12/2020 3:13 pm

Hello there…my experience yesterday working with the Sales Team, Ezra W. and the Finance people were amazing, they made me feel part of the family..I’m glad I chose Rick Case Fiat to buy my new car…Spider 124
Thanks Again
Scott M.

Angel Mitchell 12/17/2019 5:41 pm

Thank Fiat Service Team for another enjoyable experience! Everyone are always warm and welcoming! I would like to extend a special shout out to Adam. He is courteous and a true professional! I will definitely return as the need arises for future servicing issues! Thank you very much again! Great job as always!

Frank Triglia 01/11/2019 7:37 pm

I haven’t been this happy with Rick Case Fiat, since the day I purchased my Spider Abarth! The staff turnover has been tumultuous to say the least! The staff who initially sold me the car were all terminated, who knows why? Then, they were replaced with Rick Case Honda employees, a horrible experience. I was actually, looking for other dealerships for future service.

Then I noticed all of the contacts that I had listed, had once again changed. So, try one more time?

Took a roll of the dice and chose first available service representative, and up popped Jorge Rivera!

Upon arrival at Rick Case meet with Jorge who seemed both pleasant and knowledgeable; first time that I ever spoke to anyone there who actually understood the mechanics of an automobile. Then it got even better with a no hustle explanation of what was required for this particular service.

Jorge has saved Rick Case a customer and quite possibly the dealership. What a turn around, I actually departed with a smile. Oh, and he completed the service in record time, shaving 2 hours off of my last visit.

Kudos to Rick Case for finally getting it together, and hiring the proper personnel!

Michael Woodward 03/01/2018 2:08 pm

Had a great experience at Rick Case Fiat. We brought my wife’s 2014 Fiat 500L in for a service appointment and this little gem caught our eye. Walked in for a service appointment and walked out with a brand new 2018 Fiat 500L in a flashy color my wife wanted when we bought the first one. We have been super impressed with the overall experience we’ve had from Rick Case Fiat over the past 5 years. David Perez and Cristiano, thank you for working with us to make the trade deal. It was a pleasure doing business with you.