4901 SW 148th Ave, Davie, FL 33330, USA

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Pretty Hearts 03/20/2020 2:21 am

I have only been to this location three times and each time was an unpleasant experience, it almost feels like some of the employees are not friendly to people of color. The customer service manager was very nonchalant about a poor customer service experience that I had with a deli clerk named Leonar. Ms. Zorilla was using unclean gloves to pick up food that was in the hot case and after several unsuccessful attempts, she then started using the tongs to prepare the food. Also, there was a cashier by the name of Shirley who was equally as rude! I don’t plan on returning to that particular Publix location ever again. I will not spend money where I don’t feel welcomed! The bag boy was nice and I appreciate his pleasantries and disposition.

Guillermo Ruiz 01/25/2020 7:18 pm

This review is specifically for the deli at this Publix. I am big fan Publix and everything they offer. I love Pub Subs just most people who live down here. However this Publix Deli at Regency Square has to be one of the worst in all of south Florida. They never have online order done on time, numerous occasions I would come to get my online order sub 10-15 minutes after the set pick up time and they haven’t even started on it. I understand the deli at Publix’s get slammed here and there, which is why I give an extra 10-15 minutes of cushion to pick up the sub, but to not even have started the order until I mention it while I’m there pick it up. It defeats the whole purpose of ordering it online. If you need to do shopping this Publix is fine. If your looking for quick lunch or good lunch at the deli of Publix go to a different one.

Julia Blyke 12/19/2019 2:00 am

One of your cashiers refuses to make ostrich noises to me, which is completely absurd because as the CUSTOMER I am always right and I deserve to know what an ostrich sounds like yet one or your workers discouraged my request. #worstpublixever. I still gave an extra star though because I purchased 32 jars of peanut butter and was able to pay it all In coupons

Kenneth Ferguson 12/04/2019 9:56 pm

This place is great. The produce is always fresh and wonderful, I always manage to find something fun and the employees are friendly.

Peter USA 03/12/2018 7:38 pm

Great Publix and service as epected.