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Char C 09/12/2019 1:44 pm

They are always friendly and customer orientated. I rarely have to wait for my meds. If they don’t have my families medication in stock they call me right away or tell me when I drop off the script.

Carlos Cohen 11/19/2018 11:39 pm

I had an unpleasant experience today at Publix Pharmacy. I am a physician but I also happen to be a patient. I prescribe dozens of recipes every day, and I always recommend patients to use GOODRX, a well known App for discounted generic drugs. I filled a prescription and provided the pharmacist with a valid GOODRX coupon. The pharmacist told me that Publix could not honor the advertised price. The reason he gave me is that GOODRX is falsely advertising prices ( therefore utilizing Publix pharmacy name unlawfully) that they will not honor. As per the pharmacist, Publix is suing GOODRX. As a consumer, I was not aware of this situation, but needless to say, this situation has happened with other pharmacies.
I dont know what the real issue is, but this needs to be solved.
I suggested that Publix posts a banner stating that they are not honoring GoodRx prices, so clients dont have to feel the embarrassment I felt today at their facility.

Viviane Cardoso 04/09/2018 1:21 pm

Very nice staff , super fast service.

Nick Davis 04/06/2018 7:29 pm

I really like this location! Always friendly staff and very good choice.

Bill Rogers 11/30/2017 11:22 pm

Would recommend