1625 N Commerce Pkwy STE 305, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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marc bell 12/05/2019 4:15 pm

I had been suffering with crippling nausea. I went to multiple doctors and had every test imaginable. The tests were all negative. No medicine, no supplement, no diet helped. I went to see Dr Fergang and Dr Carly Rachman at Points to Wellness. Within 1 week of treatments, I was feeling 75% better. Within 2 weeks, 90% better. After suffering for over a year, and seeing at least 5 doctors, the only relief I had was after receiving treatments at Points to Wellness. I was skeptical at first, but was a convert after I saw the results. And by the way, I am the 6th person referred by a friend. All five prior referrals and the person who referred me, had total success with their treatments.

Renata K. Pawlowska 11/09/2019 8:59 pm

I have never thought that I can heel my body without medication. And yet it is happening with NAET Treatment.
My daughter, since she was born, have had rushes, allergies and asthma.
Doctors used to say:” Just do you best avoiding allergens and she should be OK”. My Holistic Dr couldn’t help her with herbs because she was allergic to herbs. Allergies were so severe she couldn’t go with me to Publix because she was getting there hives and asthma. Dr Leslie send my daughter to do Food Immune Reactivity Screen. And then we got all the picture of food troubling her. From that point we have started treatment and now she can functioning like regular human being. Her asthma is almost gone. She is truly very, very happy child. And I do not stress out about my child health anymore. It is beautiful feeling:-)
I live an hour away from Dr Leslie office and it takes great patience to go once a week for treatment. So what I am saying is: ” Be patient and you’ll see the difference”
Thank you Dr Leslie

suri steinberger 11/07/2019 2:15 am

Thank you and we love you – all the doctors said my son would never be off medication – i am glad we showed them. When no one can figure out how to heal – you find the way. After 16 years of coming to your office I can say there is no one like you . Our family is healthier because of you. Warm, professional and knowledgeable – you saved my son and myself. And it is sooo nice to see Alli smiling when we come in – she always finds a spot for us to get treated even if we are last minute.

Garrett Schilling 06/26/2019 4:16 am

I have been getting treatments from Dr. Carly for years because she is the best. I started with NAET for my skin issues and post nasal drip and it worked great. Then I had a sports injury and she cleared that right up too by using Acupuncture. I am a huge fan of natural healing and of Points 2 Wellness.

Matt Oberlender 02/07/2017 11:49 pm

Dr. Carly Rachman has been incredible helping me cope and recover from my active lifestyle. From acupuncture to relieve pains in my ankles and knees from marathon training, to overall wellness and helping relieve the day to day stresses. After having moved away from the area, I still make it a point to schedule an appointment whenever I travel down to South Florida. More recently, in addition to the acupuncture treatment, she’s also used cupping to release tension in aching areas. For someone stubborn that continues to challenge their physical limits, Dr. Carly is sensational at helping to keep my body refreshed. Always a call away, there aren’t enough words to express her positive impact!