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beenish khan 06/06/2019 2:56 am

We had Worst experience with this management company. If I could take away this 1 star I would. Our property manager Artoro Cardenas is incompetent and any issue that we had regarding the property was close to pulling our hair out. He slacked in returning calls , issues took forever to get fixed. We kept the property well maintained and left it in a much better condition than what we initially moved into, yet they decided to not refund our security deposit.

If you are working with Arturo Cardenas, stay away!

Gibran Khan 06/06/2019 2:52 am

Absolutely terrible experience from Arturo Cardenas right from the beginning. Everything was met with smiles up until the signing of the lease. Then as service issues came up he essentially became unreachable. Had to contact the supervisor and even they weren’t much help.

Stayed in the property for 2 years, and after leaving it in BETTER condition that I received, they had the audacity to keep my security deposit for “painting”.

Stay away if you are working with Arturo!

Terri Green 05/02/2018 11:18 pm

We applied for an townhouse with PFS at Courtyards of Nautica. The courtyards sucked and at every turn there was a new fee from PFS and this complex. I got hopped out of an admin fee for a denied application. The administration fee is for the complex common areas and security gate. Since, my app was denied, the wouldn’t refund me my $100. A bunch of bull!

Sandra Pelaez 02/27/2018 2:19 pm

Stay away from this unprofessional Real Estate Agency !

Our services as a Home Inspection were requested from this agency, we are rated #1 here in Miami, so we understand what true customer service entails. Maria Alvarado/agent was our contact and the agent that set up the whole inspection for Feb 7th , 2018. The client she represents ( Tito Klaere Lizarzaburu ) has been giving us the run around regarding payment, he then tried to pay with a CC which did not go through, we reached out to clients and agent in regards to this and we always got a
( be patient ) we will pay you….

Just yesterday we received a call from agent with a message from client that they will NOT pay for our services. I believe Maria as an agent should have had another solution to help us receive our payment for the services they all needed and requested. We reached out to the owner ( Gustavo Galvez ) of the agency and he brushed off my concern with ( call Maria/agent and client ) to resolve.

I truly believe Mr. Galvez as a broker/owner should have found a solution for the effort and services we extended. I am also in Real Estate and we learned that the brokers are there to help in these kind of situations. We received no solutions from this agency, at the end of the day they are happy just getting the deal but have no concerns for anyone else that assisted them in anyway.

Having such results shows us and the public you are not a concern to them ( PFS Realty ) . There is no Back-Bone or professionalism in this office. They will use you and brush you off like a fly !!!!!

NANO 3777 05/15/2017 4:20 pm

Excellent to start a business