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Jonathan Anthony Hamilton 03/28/2018 3:21 am

Great doctors. Down to earth and kind staff.

Richard Golden 02/09/2018 7:21 pm

This Dr. Maria Clemente should be ashamed of herself. We took our daughter to this office, and keep in mind she has been a patient there for sometime now, and the Dr. body shamed her. Our daughter is perfect average height and weight and the Dr. called her overweight. Our daughter left crying and is so upset. We have a beautiful young 12 year old who looks fantastic. This Dr. has no common sense and no consideration for her patients. It took a lot to hold her mother back from really giving this Dr. a “piece of her mind” to say the least. The office is too small for it’s patients and the wait time is ridiculous as well.
I will not take our children back there again and I recommend not using this office. Dr. Clememte needs to take a course in manners and learning how to handle sensitive subjects when it comes to children. It breaks our hearts to see our daughter leave this office in tears.

Sara Pitts 01/31/2018 11:28 pm

I’ve been taking my son there for a few years. The first time I brought him they made me feel like a second class citizen and wait outside since my son had delayed immunizations. After that, he was treated for an ear infection. After filling out numerous forms noting what his allergies were, I was still given a script for exactly what I told them he was allergic to, amoxicillan. Not just on one occasion, but TWICE. On another occasion, after speaking in detail about which and when the immunizations would be administered to him, it was made VERY clear and put in his clinical file that we would delay the MMR for a completely separate visit where that immunization would not be given at the same time as any other vaccination. I made the mistake of having a caretaker bring him, assuming that the conversation noted in the prior visit with his doctor, along with the conversation I just had with the receptionist who confirmed my appointment- detailing the EXACT vaccinations he would have done the following day- I requested it to be put in his notes for his appointment tomorrow. She said no problem, it’s definetely noted for the doctor. To my shock, despite what was noted in his chart, and the detailed conversation I had with the receptionist the day before, he was STILL given the MMR along with other shots at once. When I called them furious, they said they had no idea. What?!?! But wait, it’s not over yet. December 2016 I had his annual check up. It was discussed in that visit he would need a referral for his neurologist in a few months. It seemed to not be an issue at the time and I was told to just call them when I needed it a few weeks in advance. So I did just that. They told me since he hadn’t came in in 2017 he would need to have a check up with his doctor before they would do the referral. So I made the appointment and I went. He was given a physical, checked his heart, BP, throat, eyes, ears, weight, took his clothes off etc. and I received the referral. 2 days later my healthy child came down with double pink eye infection which in turn gave him an ear infection. I had to bring him to the urgent care down the street. Side note, the only toys in the waiting area are in the sick area, so bring your own toys (I do, I never let him play with those toys). Fast forward to today, when I tried to obtain the blue and yellow forms for school, they tell me he hasn’t had a check up since December 2016. When I tell them he had a physical in October they told me that never happened and all that is written was that I picked up a referral. Now, I work at a medical office, and have been managing it for over 10 years so I know protocol. This office only cares about making you come in to bill your insurance, they don’t care about you, your time (be prepared to wait 2 hours for any given appointment) or your child. When I asked to speak to the office manager, I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes all to be greeted with “yessssss?” Really?!? Completely unprofessional, What office manager answers the phone like that? The receptionists don’t care, the office manager doesn’t care, and sadly I’m starting to wonder if the doctor even cares. I’m still waiting for the doctor to call me back since the office manager is too incompetent to take care of my complaint, but to be honest with you, I would never, EVER go back here again.

julissa caceres hasbun 05/22/2017 5:47 pm

They are my son’s pediatric front 2010, I feel like they are my family. Thanks Doctors and staff for the great job you did always. A big hug.

Gamal’s mom

Danyel Corday 11/25/2016 3:29 pm

Every time I come to One source pediatrics it’s an issue. Although I’m the first appointment. They take the Caucasian or Hispanic patients first. This has continued to happen. They have been apologizing for 2 years I’m fed up. I do not recommend this doctors office unless you are Caucasian or Hispanic.