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1797 Bell Tower Ln, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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At Naturissimo we deliver a unique and unforgettable experience with each of our all-natural, healthy, and gluten-free products

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Edward Pino 01/03/2023 6:51 pm

A little piece of Ecuador close to home!

This is a franchise from Ecuador that is famous for the yogurt smoothies (Ecuadorean Blackberry = Mora is the popular choice) and yuca breads. It was my first time having their tortitas since I typically ordered the smoothies and yuca breads in Ecuador. “Tortitas” are small baked goods filled with cheese on the inside, and the outside can be green plantain, sweet plantain, or corn. My favorite was the green plantain that we took half a dozen back home to share with our family. Sweet plantain was also tasty for those with a sweet tooth and I have to try the corn one next time we stop by. The yogurt smoothie de Mora was also delicious, tasting like they make it in Ecuador. I’m not a fan of yogurt but you can barely tell that these are made with yogurt, there are also alternative options like fat free yogurt or almond milk in case somebody would like to try those. Pan de yuca has a nice shell on the outside with an even more delicious softer chewy cheesy taste in the inside. I recommend trying this place out and they even sell frozen products, so you can take the yuca breads back home to make for any family gatherings or social events…or just enjoy that Ecuadorean taste back home for yourself

Alex DÉumont 12/24/2022 4:42 am

The staff is extremely friendly and the pan de yuca and yogurts are on another level. Would recommend to everyone!

Alfredo Olvera 12/19/2022 6:48 pm

Delicious Yogurt & Pan de Yuca. We also tried the plantain and sweet plantain tortillas and were perfect. Definitely a must go restaurant to visit I. Weston

Wolfgang Benz 12/05/2022 2:04 am

Great place. Good food and service.
The sweet plantain tortita with cheese was so good, the same as the muchin that came with honey. The yuca bread is authentic and so delicious. The yogurt flavors were authentic as well and so good. I will definitely be going back .

Keyla Dalmau 12/03/2022 6:04 pm

Amazing! Yogurt and pan de yuca ( gluten free! )
Delicious combination! Try it!