4430 Weston Rd, Davie, FL 33331, USA

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Rosey Rank 03/16/2020 6:05 pm

Had barely any selection of color the man the assisted my mom was RUDE he started screaming at my mom because she had dip. He left my moms hand in acetone for a long time later my mom said that it was too long and that I was already don’t taking the dip off. The man then said that he is not going to assist my mom and to find someone else because he was going to do the nails of this persons daughter that was getting expensive acrylic. Our nails ended up not nice my mom have two broken nails they didn’t even fix it and didn’t finish the package. I had one broken nail and it was t fixed. The nail polish job had a lot of bubbles and wasn’t even. DONT COME YO THIS NAIL SALON!!!!! It’s too expensive for this TRASHY job.

BTW: I barely even do reviews DONT COME TO THIS NAIL SALON!!!!!

Carolina Sanchez 03/06/2020 7:27 pm

Went asking for chrome nails. As I hesitate cause I did not want to pay a fortune I asked several time how much it will be to do what I wanted. Nail tech said $41 plus $15 w chrome
I said ok. Then she asked what shape I wanted o select the shape she doesn’t say anything else and proceed to do shape. She rushed me out and never did the chrome I asked for. But when I go to pay my bill is $51 ?! Why I asked. He said shape and mid length was extra $10. I asked why they never told you before you do it and he proceeds to say that he thought I saw the menu and that he doesn’t want to argue but the total is $51. Meanwhile I’m looking for that “menu” and is no where to be found. Technician NEVER TELLS YOU PRICES even if you ask 1000 times. Needless to say I will never come back to this place. Very dishonest way to make business.

Sieda . 11/05/2019 5:17 pm

I visited here to get a pedicure this past Saturday. There was a 10-15 minute wait but I was notified of this beforehand in a polite, professional manner. The technician was excellent and I got a great pedicure. It is a bit on the pricier side ($28 for a regular pedicure) but the salon is super clean, trendy, and the work done was worth it. I’d recommend if you don’t have a go to place.

vania c 11/30/2018 5:02 am

Ongoing issues with this place. The first time I went I asked for matte black nails and this is what I got. Tell me why they look like scratched black nails instead? I went the next day to have them re-done and they were down nicely but the lady didn’t seem to understand English very well and did not understand that I needed acrylics over them because the previous lady had filed my natural nails down with a the drill! Afterwords my nails started breaking because they were so fragile from the bad job so I rescheduled a third appointment for 5:45 on a Thursday and asked for the acrylics to be complementary since I didn’t get them the last time due to the language barrier. I arrived at my appointment three minutes early at 5:42 and I let the receptionist know that I was here for my appointment. She told me that the lady I scheduled was busy and so I had to wait and wait and wait. I had to explain my situation to like three other people because the manager didn’t explain to anyone what was it was happening and apparently misunderstood that I expected the acrylics to be free. Not only that but he set my appointment for is the wrong time at 5:30 which is impossible because I get out of work at 5:30. The lady that was supposed to do my nails was telling me that I was late and when the manager asked the receptionist what time I got in, she told him a bold face lie and said that I came in at 6 PM! Even the nail tech saw that I came at 5:45 but since my appointment was set for the wrong time she assumed I was late.Because of this lack of organization and lying receptionist , I didn’t get my nails started until 2 hours after my appointment when I came early! So frustrating. Then the lady that did my nails couldn’t explain to me what was going on in a private matter but instead she was yelling across the salon drawing unnecessary attention. Instead of getting the acrylics I needed for free, the nail tech offered a discount. When I asked about the discount when it was time to pay, she said that the manager told her to charge me full price! Because you have a lying employee? No thank you. Also, I must mentioned that by the time I started getting my nails done the store was already closed and there was nobody else in the salon but me and the nail tech. I tried to reason with her and explain the situation but she was dry and non responsive. At least she did a good job.I called the manager the next day to explain that the reception is a liar and I can tell he was just kept trying to finish the conversation and cut me off like he did the first time which probably led to him getting my appointment wrong in the first place. I never post negative reviews or really anything negative on the Internet because it’s already negative enough as it is but this experience was terrible.

Larisa Davis 12/31/2017 1:30 am

Beautiful salon with helpful staff. They are fairly new so the wait time is still long (definitely call ahead for an appointment). I got a full set stiletto nails pink/white ombre and it cost $65 which is a little on the high end but this shop is in Weston, so I’m not surprised. My nails did come out beautiful but I probably wouldn’t return.