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Michael Gustafson 03/11/2020 11:58 am

Crabby old lady running cash register. Not happy to get 50 kids to order. Couldn’t even open up another cash register. Big groups go to the next McDonald’s. ?

Lucas Pratt 02/25/2020 3:25 pm

In the drive through i said I’d like two sausage McMuffins, they ask with egg? No. If I wanted egg I would have said that. I said no..a sausage McMuffin, once again they said with egg? No! I said lol. Then I ask for a large iced Carmel macchiato. They say hot or cold? Are you kidding me. If you are going to put someone at the drive through it would help if they could listen better, just my opinion. Maybe he’s learning but I thought iced would have gave it away. The sausage sandwiches were good, they did give me the macchiato with Carmel running all down the side. This place needs to get it together.

Ricky Gilley 01/07/2020 6:40 pm

Great and delightful food, I loved the mood this place has, and the employees were very nice. Will definitely come back.

Francis Nanco 01/07/2020 4:08 pm

Great place to jump start the day with McCafé

Gabriel E. Martini A. 02/12/2019 12:33 am

This is the third time I go to this restaurant and ask for large fries with my food and this is what I got, you go there ask for large fries ? and they give you the large box filled with a medium size, you have to do better McDonalds I’m not lovin’ it