16001 W State Rd 84, Sunrise, FL 33323, USA

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Broward County’s Markham Park is the ultimate “close to home” destination for a great day. With 669 acres to play on, you can find the perfect spot to set up and have a great day with your family.

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Eric Hall 03/16/2020 8:00 pm

Feels like a real community facility. First experience was last weekend. I did not know what to expect. There was a line inside that the rep handled quickly and when it was my turn she was very effective and got me everything I needed swiftly.

As I stepped out, the lead Range Officer greeted me professionally and asked a few questions about what I was bringing out. His instructions were clear and he assigned another R.O. to escort me to my lane. Throughout the experience I was handled by about 4 other R.O.s that made me feel safe and comfortable. While going through the cycles the PA system was loud and clear as the Lead R.O. gave us instructions with courtesy, clarity and professionalism.

When I was leaving I was assisted with break down and pack up and escorted to the exit. I am excited to return for longer and with friends.

Frederick Burckhard 01/24/2020 8:16 pm

I have been going her for 25 years, by far my favorite place to go shooting. I had some friends visiting from Argentina and wanted to give them the full American Experience, Air boats, gun range, BBQ and all. I was showing them how to safely shot when the range officer came over to give some advice also. Even though their English was not that great he was patient with her and made them feel very welcome and comfortable. After that any intimidation they may of felt from a “scary gun range” left and they really started to enjoy them selves. This was their first shooting experience and I am glad they helped to make it so good.

Jaime Santiago 01/15/2020 1:46 pm

Well organized, courteous helpful staff who maintain a safe environment that makes for a fun excellent experience.

David Nagle 12/27/2019 5:20 am

I was a newbie with my .357 and 457 rifles. Was not sure what it would be like. It was fantastic. The range officers are just amazing. They helped me set up and were so incredibly nice once they knew I was considerate and cautious. even the other guys shooting were really educated and nice. What a great experience. They do need to upgrade their equipment… target stands and masking tape is old 😉

NISMO SAM 06/15/2019 1:20 pm

Very nice place to practice your marksmanship