4700 SW 195th Terrace, Southwest Ranches, FL 33332, USA

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Johnnie Davis 01/22/2020 7:13 pm

Great place to shop for all your landscaping etc

Delvis Gari 12/28/2019 12:47 pm

If a lower rating was possible, I’d rate them as such. Went over to this place on a light rainy day to purchase 6 cubic yards of paver leveling sand and 3 cubic yards of crushed limestone rock for a 1600+ sqft paver installation job that was to take place the next day. I specifically told the young lady there pever LEVELING SAND, not the filler or seam joint sand. I had to explain to her to make sure she understood (I sensed some lack of knowledge on the subject from her side), the sand that goes on top of the compacted gravel or crushed stone. Went outside and she showed me loads of sand right next to each other (all wet, felt about the same, maybe one was finer than the other), and I said to her, is this the sand used for LEVELING SAND, she said yes, masonry type sand. I’m not a paver installers so I took the word on who was supposed to be a subject matter expert. Went back inside and billed me for $700+ for the 6 cubic yards of the WRONG sand the other stuff + delivery the next day. I had a feeling something was wrong with the sand, even went outside and sat in the car for a few minutes googling and reading the invoice on the mason sand and from comments/blogs on its application (mixed results/comments, most said it was finer than the concrete screen leveling stuff and washes away much easier but others said it was an alternate solution, but not really recommended).

To make a long story short, the dump truck showed up as advertised the next day, dumped the 6 cubic yards of the wrong sand on my front lawn (which was ok, I expected to be hauled and consumed the next day during the install) and away they went. My paver installer shows up the next day and told me we’ve got a problem, that’s the wrong sand. Called landworks depot immediately and they told me they were going to look into it but the lady that sold me had said that I chose the sand (lie, and outright unethical) and they couldn’t deliver on that day (had to wait until Monday). I couldn’t wait for their boss or whomever is in charge of that place to get back to me whenever they felt like (had the installer on site being held back due to the sand). A gentleman there (landworks) referred me to another place nearby that sold the concrete type sand used for leveling purposes. I called them up immediately, (world of a difference in knowledge, essentially told me that I’ve gotten hosed up) and had to buy from them the correct 6 cubic yards + delivery, another $400+. To summarize, landworks doesn’t want to take the wrong sand back or at least a portion of it (at least 5 cubic yards, I’m a reasonable person) that was sold to me by a person that has no clue on what they are selling or their minds is somewhere else when they are conducting serious sales business. I have to do an even bigger paver job at my house and rest assured that I will never ever again purchase a freaking gravel stone or an ounce of anything from this company, essentially want to sell you things fast but don’t want to own up to their mistakes. Horrible buying experience with this company, will never do business again.

Franklin Lopez 10/09/2019 1:15 pm

A great place where you can find all your landscaping needs in one place with very Reasonable prices ?

Daniel Smith 06/25/2019 3:16 pm

They are awesome

2009waterfall1 Cascade 03/07/2019 2:45 am

Great people to purchase from. Very honest and organized office. I had a credit for over two months and had zero issues when I decided to come pick up the rest of my mulch.(3 pallets) 195 bags. The girls in the office
and men in the yard are always nice. Thank You Landworks