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Bianca Rosa 06/14/2019 3:29 am

Sit down for a long yet full of insight review after over a year of enrollment… Good school, good program, good teachers, horrible at following through with policies in place to ensure others kids safety.

I had to end up pulling my daughter out due to their lack of action with an aggressive child that caused skin lacerations and permanent marks with bites and scratches, 3 times to be exact in less than 6 months all in the face yet they didn’t see a pattern enough to care and chose to use their “better judgement based on experience” and call this “normal 2 1/2 year old behavior” and try to excuse this as a reaction to my daughter wanting to play with her (they said taking a toy from her yet video shows no toy) calling that a “negative behavior” and trying to compare it to her (the adult) taking my phone from me as something I wouldn’t like (yeah I didn’t see how that would be a good example either)… Newsflash even if that was the case THAT IS NORMAL 2 1/2 YEAR OLD BEHAVIOR! Typically bites and other forms of physical aggressions are used for communication but not on the face, the face is just anger and violence specially nearing the 3s . If she is acting like this because she can’t communicate as they say (kid speaks very well) then she obviously needs extra resources that they’re unable to accommodate.

I rate the aggressions as compulsive (ruthless as shown to me in the video footage), yet they state that because the girl doesn’t chase to strike, my child is in the wrong for insisting to play, oh I’m sorry for my child being socially acceptable and meeting an actual milestone!

They’re basically in violation as per DCF for not enforcing their expulsion policy that states that if there’s a behavior that can’t be resolved such as a child is a risk to others, needs one on one or special needs that they can’t accommodate (which she obviously needs a shadow or further evaluation by a certified professional in behavior) it is their discretion to decide an expulsion. After 3 meetings, the same outcome, “they have to work with the problematic child and parents to help them” and giving me no options, no moving the girl up, no holding mine back, no shadowing, no suspensions, no immediate removal from class after incidents and no expulsion, my kid and I’m sure others continue to get hurt while they keep a good relationship with their fellow countrymen. Overall poorly handled, they don’t really know what the next step is they have to take when a situation like this arises in order to keep a safe environment for all of the children

So if you’re in the early 2s currently and your kid continues to get physically assaulted by a girl, that girl will somehow be favored unfortunately. I guess from a business standpoint it was best for them to lose 1 instead of 2 kids that are enrolled in the school from that family. But I wasn’t going to wait around to see what was coming next.

Again, curriculum at the school is great and important, and my daughter enjoyed it, but so is the safety and well being of my child. My child spends most of her day at the preschool so I expect and trust her to be well taken care of and thriving while in someone elses care when it is their sole duty to protect her from all means of harm while in their care.

I’ve had other concerns as a mother such as sanitation; my daughter was always sick because kids kept sharing toys from mouth to mouth which was normal in that age group but the toys weren’t being put a side to avoid this spread, I expressed my concern and it was corrected, voice was raised (actually my daughter was yelled at causing her to cry non stop) this was also addressed, all these things I could deal with and was happy my valid concerns weren’t being disregarded, I thought they were honest and it was reassuring for me as an actively involved parent to place my trust in them. In my opinion my daughter’s health, emotional and physical wellbeing is not something out of the ordinary so I expected this to be handled accordingly not because being mandated to but because they truly put their kids first.

Analía Schweiker 12/07/2018 6:57 pm

Kinovu is here!!! “Llegó Kinovu!!!
Those were the words of my daughter when we arrive at the school this morning. I am happy and really confident leaving her at the school every morning, more than say that I love it, I should say “My daughter loves Kinovu”. There is plenty of reasons I could be thankful for having chosen this school, but the one that stands up is the love and professionalism that shows every single person that works in Kinovu . Thanks ones again.

hope toddlers 10/30/2018 8:17 pm

One of the worst systems in the area. Their lack of care to toddlers is their mayor problem, added to the hiring process. Kids leave the facility with diapers rashes and they do not care about it. They try to hire the cheapest labor; instead of the most qualify. They tell you a ratio per kid, but in the middle of the day they sent teachers home; even thought, parents has pay for the entire month. Your kid barely has stability in regards to who teaches them. The company’s main concern is to make sure employees do not get to 40 hours. consequently, the teachers hours are more important than providing stability to the kids. I was present when the “new baby center open” , if you are there long enough you will be a witness of 6 months babies in every teacher hands , outside their room area (anybody – sick or healthy- will touch the babies without washing their hands) no thinking of their immune system. 2018. PLEASE STAY AWAY! TOO MANY ISSUES – LACK OF CARE FROM OWNERS AND STAFF.

Andrea Bonkosky 04/19/2018 12:57 pm

We love this school! My son and I participated in the “Baby and Me” classes which were so educational (as a new mom) and really helped me understand how to properly stimulate my child’s environment. We enrolled our son at age 1, and being a stay at home mom, this was very challenging for me. The front staff and the teachers were amazing at easing my worries through this difficult transition. I couldn’t be happier with this school – my son is now 2 1/2 and he learns the most amazing things at school! he’s even doing yoga! This is a great school, with great teachers, an amazing curriculum, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. My son runs into school every morning and looks forward to going to school. Best school in the area! 🙂 – Proud VIP Mom.

Felix A Gonzalez R 04/19/2018 12:54 pm

My kids go there on the After School program and they love the place.
They enjoy the time and complete homework. Staff is friendly and they really connect with kids.
It is definitely a safe place to have your kids.