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derek dunston 07/08/2018 8:46 am

JNE is now called Skyline Property Management, and they are just as unprofessional as ever under the shambolic leadership of Jeffrey Estis. This poor excuse of a man called me a “bigshot” for requesting clean running water in one of his properties for my one year old, and took him two weeks to hop on it. He is ample to intimidation tactics and sold our previous property from under us without warning us and sold it under false pretenses, even attempting to claim we did not make a last month payment when we did in fact pay it. From JNE to skyline, their BBB reviews are more negative than positive, with no explanation from their group aside from positive reviews that were clearly written by their own team after every real negative review, going as far as legally threatening people for sharing what their group does. If you value tenant rights, stay away from all business with Florida Skyline Management formerly known as JNE, both under the oversight and direction of Jeffrey Estis. Jeffrey will attempt to deflect this review, which is why he is simply being reported to local housing and urban development. Don’t give your money to this man, and run for the hills if your are offered a property by this group

Leah Hermann 04/25/2018 4:07 pm

As with any management company or business, you should do your due diligence with research. Start with the DBPR (Dept. of Business Professional Regulations and search for a particular license. From there you can determine if there are any complaints. Request public records at no charge – the DBPR will email them you. Be specific for an individual and business. Next, the Florida Department of Corporations. Search by registered agent, business name, community name, etc. You may be surprised or shocked. Property records are also available the county property appraisers website. Palm Beach County / Government / property appraiser. You can search by community name as well and it will list all owners. Basically the same for most counties. Good luck.

Bruno Soares 01/27/2018 11:28 am

Bruno Soares is a real resident and no you will not find it in your database because I was not listed on the lease. I did experience first hand the horrible and unprofessional services that JNE management provides. Jeffery is a bully and a scumbag. The unit was in poor shape when we moved in. Didn’t even have the courage to throw a coat of fresh paint on the walls. We had to hire a professional company to do so. Repairs took a very long time to get addressed and when they finally decided to address the issue, it would be the cheapest way possible. Contractors would come in to the unit and bad mouth Jeffery. Not only was it a horrible experience while living there, it was even worst when we moved out. Jeffery tried everything possible to keep our deposit. The claims that he made against us were FALSE and he actually wanted us to pay him. Luckily, we had enough evidence, because we were smart enough to keep all communications via email. When we sent him the evidence that we had, he finally gave us our full deposit back. It went from us owing him money to him giving us a full refund.

After posting my review here on google, I actually got reached out by other unhappy customers of his. I feel really bad for anyone that has to go through what we went through. He is a bully to female customers! I wish I had done my research beforehand and this is why I am sharing my experience as a google review. This was my first review ever and I thought it was absolutely necessary and hopefully will save someone the headache of going through what we went through.

True example of south Florida’s finest scumbag. Jeffery is unprofessional, bully, and a scumbag! Stay away!

Nex Angelus 10/13/2017 3:21 pm

Unprofessional, disorganized, arrogant, self-serving, money hungry, only begins to describe this management company. Poor service & high cost should be their motto. One of the decisive factors in me selling my property managed by them.

Karla Ramirez 08/17/2016 6:29 pm

JNE Management did an excellent job cleaning up our community, we saw results very quickly and someone was always available. The staff is friendly, helpful and they provide a great service.