15885 Rick Case Honda Way, Davie, FL 33331, USA

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Ray Bland 02/15/2020 2:17 pm

The self serve lane can be somewhat monotonous due to some item being bought.

Alfonzo Alonzo 12/17/2019 4:12 pm

Amazing services

Shane Camera 08/19/2017 1:29 am

The store itself is very pleasant and I always have a good experience. The employees in the store are helpful and the service is fast. The reason I give it two stars is because they allow pushy third party Home Depot vendors to work out of this location and come to your home to try and trick into something overpriced and not necessarily needed. I will warn you not to get involved with the water system scam. It will waste three hours of your life (even though they say 30 to 60 min) another lie. Home Depot will still try to HARD sell you on a water system even when you politely decline. Like, you’re buying a USED car on a shady car lot. The home services department used to be reputable but now I wonder what has happened. Beware of Home Depot workers coming to your home trying to force, trick or scare you into a water system.

podolsky chris 06/29/2017 6:34 pm

Order your carpeting there only if you have a lot of patience. The customer service is very poor. They don’t return phone calls and when you go to the store, they’re always on break, or lunch, or not on duty. The carpet that was supposed to be installed within 10 days took 3 weeks to even arrive. The price includes old carpet removal and furniture moving. They tried to charge me $300 more to move a wardrobe, 1 hall table, and some closet furniture. So I moved it myself. Then when they arrived they tried to charge us $200 more to move our master bed. Even though the estimator took pictures and gave us the price. We had to call the main office after the workers refused to move it and argue the point. They finally relented, but overall very bad taste over the whole episode.

Part 2. A few weeks after installation, our alarm system started shorting out. ADT determined they had probably cut the wires that are commonly run along the 2nd story floors. I notified Karen Velasquez at the store, who manages that department and they submitted a claim. The claims department called me back and said tough luck. In the installation agreement, they aren’t responsible for any wiring.