2300 N Commerce Pkwy # 321, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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Real Local User 12/27/2016 4:49 pm

This office is now closed (what I was told) without notice to patients.

This is copied from my review of his main office in Hialeah:


Unfortunately I cannot give this doctor and the practice a good review. To start, he is a nice enough doctor and knows a lot but he is older and I think overworked. His practice takes too many appointments. I guess this is a bigger problem in healthcare and I am sure he is doing his best. There is also a bit of a language barrier with him but you can usually get it figured out. Sometimes he takes a very long time with patients.

As far as the practice is concerned, it is very chaotic and disorganized. There is a huge language barrier which is disappointing. But it’s one of the few places that accepts my insurance. Appointments are always mis-booked. They forget to bill insurance. And then it’s hard to get information on past visits and bills because they changed their billing system and the manager who has access is apparently never in. Even if you want to submit a claim from them you cannot get a claim form. They will hang-up on you. The staff seems stressed and are thus pretty rude.

Really poor state of healthcare. I am trying to find a new doctor.

lilly Ann 12/24/2015 1:16 am

This Doctor is very arrogant and very impolite. The receptionist shares confidential medical information with the patients. Doctor arrives late and due to organization issues, all patients are scheduled for the same time.

Este Doctor es un maleducado y un arrogante. La recepcionista malinforma a los pacientes sobre los resultados de sus examenes. El médico llega tarde y debido a la mala organización todos tienen cita para la misma hora.