3305 Corporate Ave, Weston, FL 33331, USA

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10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


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10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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Rich Miller 03/10/2020 3:46 pm

Great park. Much cleaner and newer than little Java and Offthewall. We had an unexpected birthday party here as it rained on the day and we were at a park. They made a great effort to put us in and even got us a private host. The kids enjoyed the facility. The food was right onetime and the house DJ even played happy birthday for our little princess.

Michael Alan 02/02/2020 1:55 am

Fun but they are all clueless. Sweet kids helping. But kids. No management whatsoever. Extreme Action Park the help is attentive and helpful. At Gecko several games took our money. Didn’t work and it was puking teeth to get a few credits. But the kids had fun. Only other issue is they let the kids run wild on trampolines and no supervision. At Extreme in their Rocking jump park. A huge sign say NO RUNNING.

Julio Perrera 01/28/2020 4:20 pm

We had a birthday party last Saturday for our daughter’s 12. The park is new so it is cleaner compared to other places. The kids loved it and we ended up upgrading from an hour jump to all day and the kids attended the live DJ event they have on Saturdays.

Daniel Milikow 01/19/2020 7:09 pm

Decent trampoline park with a reasonable ratio of jump to game space. Kids are sweating and having an absolute blast. Prices, like all indoor jump spots are a little high when you have a few kids to entertain. One nit is they’ve posted massage chairs in strategic locations and they are mad expensive. If you want to watch your kids you either cough it up or find an uncomfortable spot on the edge of the foam cube pits. If you sit for two minutes without feeding it money an alarm goes off and it shifts into a kick your butt out of the chair position. After more than $100 for 4 kids, this adds insult to injury. Then there are all the expensive add-ons: the pitifully short ropes course that you can do once for ten bucks, the rock climbing walls. Come on guys, at these prices you shouldn’t be nickel and dime-ing. Would have otherwise been 4 stars.

Carissa Huizer 10/24/2019 8:15 pm

Great place to let kids from toddler to teen come and have fun, get some energy out, and just be a kid. Rock climbing, virtual reality games, arcade, toddler play area, sparring in the foam pit, parkour & ninja course… plenty to stay all day, which we just bought the all day pass for $33/person everything included. The front desk service to purchase entry was quick, and helpful in understanding everything. The food service cooks fresh pizza, chicken wings, pretzels, gyros, empanadas, etc and bring it to your table. For bored teens, this was worth it for a fair price.