600 Indian Trace, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM







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Carolina Hernandez 10/14/2019 2:26 am

Scam alert: We signed up our son for a 12 week spring session, $375 dollars for the 12 weeks only, but the coach started to charge us every time he felt like it $375, a total of $1500 extra!

I contacted him via text (since they don’t answer the phone) thinking it was their system’s mistake and he would take a while to reply saying he would look into it, after several attempts he ghosted me and did the same with my husband.
At that point we disputed it with the credit card company and thanks to our records (text messages and receipt) we got our money back, but to our surprise he tried to stop the dispute by submitting to the credit card company the team’s “great” reviews and policies that didn’t apply to us.

We thought this was a one-time instance but one day talking by coincidence about it with friends, they told us they heard this happened to another family and once they put us in contact they also knew of more families and in some cases he even charged them for $75 uniforms he never delivered etc etc… and everyone was charged in the thousands of dollars and we all thought it had just happened to us.
What this guy is doing is playing with other people’s money, buying time by charging the cards “borrowing” money and I guess sooner or later returning it to the credit card company because while we get the money back, 4-6 months go by from the original charge.

I ran into the coach at Tequesta park, confronted him (nicely) about it and all he could say was “…but you got your money back” and “I have to go”
And yes I did get my money but after he had it interest free for 5 months!
So please be warned!