2300 N Commerce Pkwy #317, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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Open: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


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8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


8:30 AM - 3:00 PM





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Ruben D Bravo 03/19/2020 10:52 pm

Excellent Doctor and Staff. Dr. Rengifo attend his patients without rush and he is very concern about the patients. I recommended him. Me and my family have been atended by Dr. Rengifo during the last 10 years.

Elvis Campos 03/19/2020 6:03 pm

Dr Rengifo has been our family doctor for about 12 years. We really like the fact the he has s vast knowledge and experience in western medicine, but also that he also has knowledge in homepathic medicine ( I dont know if that is what he calls it). We were scared when he stopped taking insurance, and did not want to loose him as our family doctor but I can say with certainty that the new method has worked out well for us. We love the fact that he is easily accesible with the spruce app, and takes his time to really examine you during office visits. Even having our exams with their system is even more economical that my out of pocket insurance deductible. Also his staff always very helpful and attentive. We are extremely happy with Dr Rengifo as our doctor and would highly recommend him.

Guy B 02/09/2020 5:13 am

Simply the best Doctor anyone can ask for. Always advanced, always patient, always giving the best medical Service! Dr. Rengifo is very knowledgeable both in Natural and Conventional treatments and preventives and always take extra mile for his patients. Amazing practice and Amazing team.

ken eberhardt 01/10/2020 12:19 am

For the past six (6) years I have had the pleasure of having Dr Rengifo as my primary care physician.

Dr Rengifo is truly one of the most competent, knowledgeable, professional and caring physician I have ever had the experience (and pleasure) of receiving medical care from.

Dr. Rengifo and staff are truly a welcome relief from these days of less care, more costs and inadequate healthcare. Dr Rengifo and staff are attentive and readily available when making appointments.

Even as a minor emergency type of walk in, he and his staff are always working to try to accommodate. He provides excellent medical services, takes whatever time is necessary learning various aspects of his patients lives that then enables him to provide the excellent and complete medical services that one rarely sees but hopes for in this day and age. Whether that means taking 10 minutes with a patient or 30 minutes.

His staff is equally as professional, caring and accommodating. Lastly, it’s truly refreshing to see a Physician that embraces emerging technologies and incorporates new technologies in his medical practice workplace.

Strongly (and highly) recommend De Rengifo and the Alliance Program.


Susan Scotti 12/13/2019 2:31 pm

I finally hit the jackpot when I found Dr. Alberto Rengifo and his incredible staff!!??
My health has thrived since meeting him! I have never had a doctor like him. He talks to me, not at me. He looks me in the eyes when he speaks. He is not looking at his wristwatch. I appreciate that he is open to new ideas and is sincerely concerned with my health and welfare. And his personable and caring staff compliment his practice. Dr. Rengifo is a blessing in my life.