1664 Market St, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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Closed opens tomorrow at 11:00 AM

11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


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12:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Laura Gibson 09/20/2013 12:54 pm

What a nightmare! They mark up your pieces with obnoxious numbers, and they only let you use 6 colors. Dont worry because my pottery came back damaged too! Not to mention they prices are crazy, $14 for a small plate

Esther B. Baxter 07/03/2013 8:40 pm

Initial painting experience was fine. However, I called ahead [7 days later] and was told my pieces were ready to be picked up after I gave the young lady my name and receipt #. I drove 40 minutes [I don’t live in Weston] and when I arrived and gave the young lady my ticket she came back to tell me 1 of my pieces was in the kiln and the other was going to be put in later today. ???? When I asked why I was told they were ready she stated she didn’t know who I spoke to and was “sorry”. My mistake for not asking her name.
I asked to speak to the owner who was basically useless and offered no solution to this error on their part even after telling them how far I had driven. Serious lack of customer service. I will not be bringing my business to them nor recommending anyone to go there.

FireDragon 9952 09/07/2012 12:00 am

It’s an interesting concept but overpriced not to mention that it takes over 7 days for you to get your piece back from the oven (the artist part).
Staff isn’t that courteous either.
It’s too bad because the whole idea of the place is interesting.
I won’t go back there with my kids or their friends.
Save your money and go somewhere else!