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Richard Castello 07/16/2021 11:43 am

Dr. Levy and Taylor are very passionate about serving their patients and offering the right treatment for your circumstances. The entire experience was smooth from start to finish, the information the provided was extremely thorough, and the team even took extra time to carefully address all of my additional questions (even the stupid ones). I felt more empowered leaving their office.

Ken Barbie 07/08/2021 5:28 pm

Carlos G Levy is the absolute worst – I can explain… This guy just looked at my blood work, and prescribed me tons of pills… I put my trust in him and what he was doing for my well being… Well shortly after starting the medication, I had major side effects that absolutely destroyed my life….

He failed to give me any information about the drugs or the side effects they may have… Also that it would cause acute tinnitus …. Which screams in my head 24/7 with no relief now come to find out there is no cure, no help, nothing and that I will live out my life under a waterfall!!!

I cant hear conversations, tv shows or anything without it screaming, you can imagine what that did to my relationships with everything from my friends to my job…

Each time I want to his office they saw me a minimum of 1 hour AFTER my scheduled time and when I mentioned the issues I was having he gave me a dirty look, told me to see a shrink and dropped me as a patient…. That is just sad, so I have to assume he just drops you if he doesnt like the results of the drugs he pushes on you….

This review seems harsh… I know that, but after years of this screaming in my head.. The loss of a job, most of my friends and destroying my relationship… I could not stand it anymore.. The tinnitus has done more damage than anything you can possibly imagine… Thousands in dr.s trying to figure it out too..

I only went to him because after my colonoscopy they said I needed to get checked out.. I had no issues with my health at all… Since then nothing but problems.

I have stopped taking all the meds they prescribed, including the Blood Pressure meds, I would rather have a heart attack than hear this anymore..

My advice – Before you take anything a Doctor gives you, drill them about the side effects and make sure if they dont agree with you, then make them change it.. Dont let them bully you into taking things that could cause more issues than it fixes. GET THE FACTS FIRST. It could save your life.

Nate Martin 06/02/2017 1:10 pm

The staff and Dr. Girgis are amazing. I came in with a huge list of nagging issues and the doctor patiently listened, addressed each one and answered each one of my many questions. There was no long wait in the waiting room and I never felt like they were trying to rush me out to get the next patient in, but that they were genuinely trying to make sure my problems were addressed and corrected.

Crystal Marie 05/01/2017 11:22 pm

I would like to make a review for Dr Girgis and Heather the PA. They are both the BEST of the best. Always listen to everything I need to tell them without any rushing (and trust me I talk a lot), treatment is too notch and everything they do helps me and makes me fee 100 times better, they always make time to see me, and they’re both very professional and nice. I know this review is under Dr Levy (I’ve never met him) but it’s the only place I know where to review them. I am extremely happy and I have already told my family to switch to them. Thank you guys! Again, Heather and Dr Girgis are amazing! Also the office manager is extremely nice and is always there to help as needed and I really like that too!

Frank Esposito 04/01/2015 2:07 pm

Excellent doctor..Never rushes you out…spends time to listen to your concerns..staff is also awesome. ..a 5 star doctor is my opinion