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14820 Griffin Rd, Davie, FL 33331, USA

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Open: 06:00AM - 11:00PM

06:00AM - 11:00PM


06:00AM - 11:00PM


06:00AM - 11:00PM


06:00AM - 11:00PM


06:00AM - 11:00PM


06:00AM - 11:00PM


07:00AM - 11:00PM

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earl stevenson 11/30/2022 4:22 pm

From 9am till 1130 the lobby is closed and I don’t completely understand that when they said there open from 7am when only drive thru is open and is all the way around the building like who has time to wait in drive thru when u have a lobby honestly needs better management because this is not right in 2022 seriously needs better from burger king

sophia a 07/20/2022 7:21 pm

I came here with my kids and they loved the food. We ordered two 6-piece chicken nuggets and they came out fresh. My husband and I shared a whopper. I recommend 100%! The staff member that attended me was Meah. Awesome girl and great service. Please go here!

Michelle Lovell 06/25/2022 5:09 pm

I don’t eat at many burger Kings. Never a great experience. We were in hurry and hungry. I have never given a fast food restaurant 5 🌟 much less a burger King. But the crew working on June 25 at 12:41 obviously had it together. Food was hot 🔥, fresh and good! And the order was correct. Great job.

Paul Butler 09/26/2021 2:29 pm

I think corporate should close this location. They can’t decide when they are open, what food they have in stock, or how many staff members are on duty. It would make it much easier and less confusing to customers if the sign on the drive thru speaker said “closed” rather than “today our hours are 10:30am-5:00pm.” Customers who take the time to get off the highway don’t know your issues prior to arriving.

Adam Outler 07/21/2021 2:19 pm

Cant make a burrito, gets things wrong, bad customer service. I’ve been eating Eggnormous Burritos from multiple locations for years now. This location makes them noticeably smaller and with the hot sauce directly in the burrito instead of providing a packet on the side.

When I got a small burrito, instead of large, which was made with the wrong sauce, and medium diet cokes large on my Uber Eats order, I called to make sure there wasn’t a training issue. The manager told me she was the one who made my order and defended everything as though her job depended on it. She told me how she’s been manager for 25 years so obviously she’s right and knows how to make a breakfast burrito. She also told me that the order had medium sodas instead of large, which is absolutely false because I was looking at the receipt.

Anyway, I couldn’t eat the burrito because it was too spicy and didn’t have the right flavor. I also ran out of diet coke early. So I reordered from the Pines location south of this one. Note they provided the hot sauce on the side and a much larger burrito, also they got the drink right.

This is the way a burrito should be done. The attached picture in no way represents the location which I am reviewing though. They can’t make burritos.