1792 Bell Tower Ln, Weston, FL 33326, USA

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Katherine Lavine 09/15/2019 4:02 pm

I’ve been meaning to write this review for some time. Mr. Flynn is amazing at what he does! My daughter was accepted to the University of her choice and received a full academic scholarship through Florida’s Bright Future program. This would not have been possible without her score increase she received after taking Mr. Flynn’s SAT Test Prep sessions. She increased her score by 110 points! I can truly say his program is worth every single penny I spent! Thank you Mr. Flynn!

Daniel Camejo 09/09/2019 1:28 am

Flynn served as not only a great tutor, but a great mentor overall. He is the perfect combination of being laid back and open to talk about anything but at the same time is fully knowledgeable on what it takes to bring someones score up. He helped me raise my score my hundreds and always offered to help me with anything I needed and I was always looking forwards to going to his class. Between his great enthusiasm and amazing ability to open ones eyes on the SAT, I would highly recommend him.

Lynn Chen 07/28/2019 3:37 am

Got me a 450 point increase back when the SAT was out of 2400. Great teacher!

Debbie Bautista 06/19/2019 4:48 pm

Brandon helped raise my son’s SAT score to a 1540 after only four private lessons. We highly recommend him as he knows his stuff and delivers results.

Mahesh Desai 04/07/2018 1:31 pm

Let me start off by saying that if regardless of the money you are willing to spend, you will not find a better SAT prep course than the one offered by Brendan Flynn. My daughter has completed SAT courses at other places, but Brendan Flynn’s SAT prep course is far superior for a variety of reasons. The main thing that separates Brendan’s course from everyone else is his attention to detail and ability to provide specific instruction to your child within a small class environment. Brendan is awesome at teaching the key strategies and techniques that will immediately benefit you in both the math and verbal sections of the SAT.

Brendan also takes the time to address each student’s needs individually during classroom breaks and before/after class as well. Brendan provides that extra attention to detail and commitment to each student’s success – something the others don’t even attempt to do. Brendan takes it upon himself to really ensure that each student does the best he/she can when it comes to test day. In the case of my daughter, Brendan went out of his way to provide a couple of extra sessions outside of the normal course to better prepare her in some areas of the test where she required additional assistance. There is nobody that takes the pride and personal interest in the successful outcome for each student like Brendan Flynn.

I guarantee you that you will get full value out of every dime that you spend with Brendan. Don’t waste your money on those generic SAT review courses/companies – there is a reason that they are cheaper because they don’t deliver the results that Brendan Flynn will. Those other companies operate under a one size fits all framework. Brendan is the best because his instruction is delivered in a way that students can immediately benefit in the areas requiring improvement.He teaches with compassion and commitment and doesn’t outsource any of his instruction to beginners or part time “want to be” instructors! Brendan delivers all of the instruction himself.