Weston is the home for a Tropical Fish Environment! According to The City of Weston website :
The water bodies within Weston are an integral part of the City's water management system. The lakes and canals provide storage for storm water runoff from roadways and other non-pervious areas. In the event of a major storm event, lakes and canals are lowered to accommodate the increased runoff, and over time, the water bodies will return to their normal levels as the excess water from the storm event is pumped to the Everglades or the Atlantic Ocean. The vegetation in the water bodies adjacent to the banks are known as "littoral shelves", which provide food and nesting habitats for birds, insects and fish indigenous to the area. It also acts as a cleansing area for the water running off the banks. The introduction of pollutants, including dog waste or other foreign matters into water bodies or the catch basins that flow to the water bodies is a violation of various laws and subject to prosecution.
Not to many resources our team was able to find regarding Weston's  Tropical Fish Environment. Our team will appreciate your help adding more information on our local guide.

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